We don’t just work at the small scale - we look for ways that this can be scaled up.

We don’t just work on the design - we also work on the financial modelling and delivery vehicles.

We don't just work at the domestic level - we work at the neighbourhood scale too.


There are only a few hundred homes in the country retrofitted to the level we have achieved, to make this work truly useful in delivering a low carbon future we need to work on ways these can be used as early stages in a rapid development of retrofit nationally

We have developed a Retrofit Pattern Book so that we can share out experience in how to actually build this. We have built financial models to inform how retrofit can be married with renewable generation and storage to create a self sustaining economically viable and equitable low carbon future that starts in our homes.

And what of the neighbourhoods and communities in which this work takes place?

We have many years experience working on making neighbourhoods sustainable; making the existing neighbourhood work better, patching up, filling in holes with what is missing, making them walkable: extending those places with new housing fit for the future