Design for the 21st century needs new ways of thinking and new ways of delivering change.

We need to make our old buildings fit for a low carbon future by radically reducing the amount of energy they use - 80% is a good target, 100% if we can.

We have proved that this is possible and can be done attractively.

We have developed the Whole House Assessment Method to be able to accurately model a home’s energy use then remodel that through changes to the building’s components.

We also design new buildings too if needs cannot be met by what is already there.

We have decades of experience bringing good design to places where it not been assumed possible or necessary. That experience ranges from furniture built to last with recycled, recyclable or repurposed materials through retrofitting 20 homes to as near as we could get to 80% less energy and emissions than their counterparts. We have experience in housing design from small super-insulated extensions through community focussed apartment complexes up to sustainable neighbourhoods.