Charlie Baker

Charlie got an architecture degree and became an accidental expert in low carbon retrofit while researching the work he carried out to his own home, Manchester’s first Superhome.  Having led a design and build co-operative making specialist items during the 1990s, he worked with URBED on urban design and sustainability projects for two decades.  He has designed everything from furniture to an award winning nightclub and housing projects.  His current aim is to prove that design can save the world and that retrofit can be technically excellent, affordable and beautiful at the same time. More information about Charlie's work can be viewed here

Justin Hellings

Justin’s background is in web development and games software programming. A Drupal expert, and at home in many languages including PHP, Ruby and Java (for Android), he is responsible for developing red's retrofit pattern book and project management software.

Sarah Hughes

Since completing a degree in Management Sciences at UMIST, Sarah has provided financial and management support to a number of small organisations, mostly co-operatives. These have included Build for Change (a small scale steel fabrication company), Confederation of Co-operative Housing, ICOF (Industrial & Common Ownership Finance) Ltd, Work for Change (a co-operatively managed workspace), Carbon Co-op, URBED (urban design and sustainability) and MadLab.  She is the finance director of red co-operative.