we are red

Design for the 21st century needs new ways of thinking and new ways of delivering change.

We need to make our old buildings fit for a low carbon future by radically reducing the amount of energy they use - 80% is a good target, 100% if we can.

We have proved that this is possible and can be done attractively. It is not even very complicated for a single building, but there are millions of them, and they all need a cocktail of measures.

We think this is a major opportunity to make good design a pivotal part of our sustainable future.

red co-operative brings together all of the skills necessary to be able to deliver efficient, attractive retrofit. We have designers, installers, computer programmers and others.

We are looking for more people who share our vision of a sustainable future achieved through good design.

red co-operative ltd is a worker co-operative and a limited company registered in england & wales reg.no. 09069834

registered office 3 Corkland Road, Manchester M21 8UP

telephone 07816 276 115

email info@red.coop