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gable full

gable wall prior to external wall insulation (ewi)

gable window and services

services, such as waste pipes and ventilation, require 110mm extension to accommodate insulation boards, adhesive and top coat renders

anchor 55

baumit startrack blue anchors - installed at  6 fixings per m2 in a 400 x 400mm grid pattern - used to provide additional mechanical fixing to bonded EWI systems

gable anchor

view from second rise scaffolding of  gable wall, showing baumit star track blue anchors and baumit open reflect  insulation boards.  note first floor bathroom ventilation flue and services extensions

rear window

new bedroom window, with replacement timber lintel and sill.  airtightness tapes used around new window frame

bt extend

telecoms 110mm extension fixing - this was booked with the clients' telecom provider

kitchen plinth

xps boards on baumit base profile both mechanically fixed to masonry along with baumit open contact adhesive, with baumit plinth edging stip - this ensures an effective drip edge whilst joining the base tracks invisibly

side detail 1

xps boards on baumit base profile both mechanically fixed to masonry along with baumit open contact adhesive, with openings cut for airbrick ventilation

the air brick required cavity extensions to join the interior periscopic underfloor vent; sealed as it passes through wall to
ensure no air escapes into cavity


1st rise

baumit star track blue anchors, with open reflect boards below

1st rise view 2

baumit open reflect boards installed

2nd rise view

view down from 2nd scaffold rise - note waste water extension

openreflect below

view up from 1st scaffold rise

gap fill

illbruck FM 330 - air seal expanding foam was used to fill small gaps in boards - up to 12mm 

soil pipe

another example of illbruck FM 330 use - to seal angled waste services

bt open reflect

telecoms 110mm extension fixing slightly proud of baumit open reflect board, as required

kitchen wall rear

baumit open reflect board installed on rear kitchen wall - note stretcher joining of boards on corner

open reflect kitchen window

ground floor window with baumit open reflect boards, prior to render stop bead installation

gable verge clip open reflect

gable side of property with baumit open reflect boards in place

gable open reflect

baumit open contact adhesive applied to form a seal between rafters and open reflect insulation boards

gable open reflect drip trim

gable drip trim installed, verge clips replaced

lead 1

baumit flashing profile provides clean junction between render and new roof leading.  note render stop and corner edge beads along with new window overcill cover

lead 2

fischer fid50 insulation system spiral fixing with baumit flashing profile, with new roofing lead installed

rafter foam tape

expanding foam tape applied to rafters prior to open reflect board instalation

ewi gable scaff

view of gable wall of property, showing first coat of baumit open contact: reinforcing mesh is just visible prior to covering with second base coat appliction

base coat

open contact application

gable open contact basecoat

final coat of baumit open contact base coat, prior to top coat of baumit nanopor

window base coat

baumit edge stip and render stop beads around ground floor kitchen

window reinforcement

internal window edge reinforcement

stained corner

1st floor window with second coat of baumit open contact base coat

window cill base

party wall

rear wall open contact top coat

rear wall open contact top coat 2

kitchen wall rendered

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